lördag 29 september 2007


In sickness and in health..

Yes, my relationship to Thailand has not brought that much of the latter..

I´ve kept the mood up, but being sick for six straight weeks tears at you... I´ve been blessed with good people around me though wich have helped me keep the feeling of total isolation at bay. It is easy otherwise I think. The country is new but that just puts you farther behind when staring at the naked walls of your apartement... The feeling that everything and everyone else is moving fast around you while you stay perfectly still is quite unsatisfactory.

At least i might have found some medecin that works finally. I have gone through some twenty different kind of pills, including three kinds of antibiotics so far... Some remains of my stash displayed below...

Might be getting better now... Let´s see.. Muay Thai, school, some trips, and spiritual practise of course is waiting for my fresh new initiative...

Long live the global pharmacological companies and their ruthless exploatation of
underdeveloped countries local resources for gaining me access to all the medicin...!

måndag 17 september 2007

Wakeboardin´ in Bangkok

Cristoph showing how it is done.

Sandra missunderstood the way the board should be..

Gabor too but he made it into the water at least. Great respect for how Sandra and Gabor fought this day, just did not go their way this time!

I shone....

But look how easy it looks when the pros do it..




Did not fit too good..

Sandra made a new friend!

She played like a child does.

And so did we...

A good day.

söndag 16 september 2007

Singapore and Bintan (Indonesia)

Singapore.. efficent, beautiful and dressed up. But it feels almost glued on there, the american dream more colorful than ever; even compared to the original...
I wonder who the umbrella girl is though, so amplifying that pink umbrella. As a princess in the light sprinkles of soothing rain, her world is colorful and a fairytale. The singaporian bank she passes is a temple and I feel sorry that the tale is not real.

"Don´t let the clothes wear you, you wear them."
"Define your self"... by brand and shopping. A shrieking neonlike fashion statement. That is what you need...

Bintan, Indonesia, An island perfectly exploited to be a paradise. It was calming, beautiful and... expensive.

H, chilling after an exhausting travel.

I chilled too.

The coastline of the island

We greased up our foreheads and joined the asians and europeans in relaxing from "the real world" by sweating.

He prefered to be called "Jack Sparrow" and he knew the waters... '

Me and the Japanese crew on our way to snorkeling

Born to hit the pool..

onsdag 12 september 2007

999,5 words...

Introductory teambuilding site for BBA int. students (for real). Raf and Nic from Italy in the center of attention... I´m top left..

The view from lunch at introduction (guess where we went after)

Yes, Thammasat university showed great hospitality the first weekend.

Me and Amber down by the river, Thammasat university in the background.

Matt (Canada), A, (Thailand) Jonas (Sweden)

A going solo

Temple area close to school..

Bangkok from the roof.

The green meets the grey in Lumphini park

Exploatation of national resources at party road

Another kind of exploatation of natural resources at hypermodern "bedsupperclub" Gabor from class (and also neighbour) in foreground toasting to the opportunity.

What to buy in malls 1 in consumerist firstclass Bangkok ("Humvee")

What to buy in malls 2 in consumerist firstclass Bangkok ("Lotus")

What to consume of the street in the city where "ping pong show" does not equal J.O Waldner..

onsdag 5 september 2007

Thailand, connecting the dots.

There is a way in which clarity eludes you when change is ever evident.

When I gather how much I am actually moving even though appearing perfectly still, it is not difficult to realize how hard it is to snapshot from a pulsating city such as Bangkok.

The only movement of myself instantly perceived by others is the physical change of surroundings, the way I move through career, income and social environment (considering that I show this in an orderly fashion) and the way my body is changed. These changes are however not at all interesting, flawed by total lack of meaning and in the end incomplete. It is the change of heart that is interesting; the change of spirit and mind. This is what we really are trying to notice about each other.
Who is he? Where is he going? What does that make of me, when I relate? It is the questions that we are trying to answer as social beings ever creating and recreating ourselves and each other. The best thing about the movement of heart, mind and soul is that it’s not, like the others, bound by the concept of time. If you move forward in this way, if you are enlightened, the potential of your movement is forever, the potential of your change is without restrictions and it is meaningful.

In the meaningful sense of the word we are thus always moving even if perceived as being absolutely still. Now the problem arises of communicating changes.

--Oh, you are going abroad for sometime, let us know what is going on!

This is a reaction from people around me when I let on that i was going to study abroad in Thailand. What I think is that people should find out what the physical changes of surroundings mean to me in the meaningful way. The change of the surroundings in itself is neither change nor movement really. The movement really occurring is the inner movement. That’s why I can never give a just picture of Thailand as a land or a culture much in the same way as I never could describe Bangkok correctly. Everything is filtered through me so it should be more fun to know what my active reflections are about all kinds of things than to read something masked as pure information about studying in Thailand.

....So to connect the dots and explain the title of my blog:
This is why the search is the constant search for enlightenment we all energetically live. It is life. The trip is the inner trip and not the physical trip to Thailand.
The reflections are what will write here during the period of time I am in Thailand (but that is not really important).

And now I have explained myself in great detail so you can understand how hard it is to write when you can not just change calmly inside. When you also have to deal with a great and pulsating Bangkok, a new country with all the new impressions through a whirlwind of people, sensations, nature and experiences. This would also explain why I waited so long with the hard work to write on my trip and systemize my reflections.

And in the end you might even understand why the first entry in my blog became one giant disclaimer... :)